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Protecting your Family

Posté le 2018/05/05

The SCOF-Concept systems for Families


Protect & Organize Your Computer Data, Folders & Files

Like we said in other articles about “Protecting your Personal data”, and also about how to save your Folders and Files properly, here is a summary which does for every SCOF-Concept system.



Protect your data in a safe place

 jms-concept solutions pics




Have your data placed in ONE file




Organize your data through your SCOF-Concept system



Ok, now here is the time to tell you more in detail about the whole SCOF-Concept systems especially those designed for every family’s need.

In order to reach everybody’s specific needs, we have developed 4 main versions, plus a bonus:


The “Compact” version, 

for people who want a condensed system, something more practical; this version comes in 2 different themes. These are no module; a window opens to a very large choice of filing possibilitiesVisit our page here.


The “Global” versions,

for those who are interested in a full filing system.

These versions run a 6 integrated module system: “my contacts, my Documents, my Music, my Photos, my Videos, my Websites).

 You are offered multiple themes for these systemsVisit our page here and choose the one(s) you like.


The “Module” versions,

for those who have no need in a full system but want a single subject module: Documents or Music or Photos&Videos or Preferred Matters. Visit our page here.


The “Kids” versions,

a fun range of systems for your children  to learn how to organize their data (games, drawings, letters …). Many different themes are available. Visit our page here.


The “Custom” versions,

this is actually a “Global” system type. We are able to offer you a customized version with your own pictures (6) (family, friends, pets, cars …). Visit here for more details.


Here are the main SCOF-Concept systems available at this very moment. Please, keep posted by visiting our website on a regular basis. Here.

 These systems are easy to install and fun to work with



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