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Protecting Your Business

Posté le 2018/05/05

The SCOF-Concept systems for Business

Protect and Organize Your Computer Data, folders and files

In previous articles, we talked about Protecting and Managing data. Here is a summary in 3 easy steps for all  SCOF-Concept systems: 


Protect your data in a safe place


jms-concept solutions pics




Have your data placed in ONE file


jms-concept solutions scof pics 



Organize your data through your SCOF system



 As you can see in the representation above, the major company departments are covered.

jms-Concept Solutions have developed 6 different themes for you to choose. See here. Despite these various themes, all SCOF-Concept systems share the same structure.

Indeed, every SCOF-Concept system has been built on the same concept:

  • A 12 module system of Folders for 12 major departments,
  • Lots of sub-folders, and sub-sub-folders…

Whether you run a medium or small sized company or even a single owner business, you will get advantage in using our SCOF-Concept systems.

  • A protection against the lost of data,
  • A handy and a rational organizing system,
  • A professional approach to managing your folders and files,
  • A consistency in the data entries,
  • An easy to learn and easy to use concept,
  • An easy and pleasant interface.












Icons #1



Icons #2


This is easy to see how vital it is to start taking care of Protecting and Organizing your business data. jms-Concept Solutions supply the right tools  through the SCOF-Concept systems.

Affordable and efficient, handy and easy, find our SCOF-Concept Online Boutique here or

find our main jms-Concept Solutions Website here.



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