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Managing & Protecting Computer Personal data, Folders and Files

Posté le 2018/05/05

Very often, we, average computer users or beginners, encounter impenetrable computer languages designed to enlighten us. Sure. Too often, are we letting other people, called elite, decide just because we face our limits, or actually the limits they put us into.

Average computer users or beginners should be able to performing, on their own, some of the elementary tasks like keeping a computer in a healthy shape.

Among those tasks, besides the physical or software maintenance, is the perfect maintenance of your Personal Data.

Each data or document produced (letter, report, mail and e-mail, family budget, …), or downloaded from the Internet (music, pictures, video-clips or movies, contact lists, Web sites ...) has to be saved and maintained in perfect conditions.

The key to  a healthy computer is a data healthy sorting, saving, retrieving and thus protecting system.

For all of us, the system has to be simple but efficient in order to we do not to have to go back to school to become experts.

A Computer Filing and Protecting data system has to meet a friendly and fun user concept in association with efficiency outcome.

In the Internet jungle on filing and Protection system sites, the jms-Concept Solutions offer meets those needs:

  1. A friendly and easy interface, 
  2. Multiple sorting and saving possibilities managed by yourselves, 
  3. One single Super Data File ,and one only, for all your sorting and protection needs. 


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