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Computer Data, Folders and Files secure Sorting systems

Posté le 2018/05/05


Like we explained in our previous article about protecting your Personal data, Folders and Files, your second main concern is to manage these data the best way possible.

 In order to build the best and the most efficient system for your data, you need to have them organized and sorted.

 Very important issue, we recommend that ONE FILE and one file only should give you access to all your personal folders and files, your SCOF file (Safety Concept and Organized Files).




Through this access, a complete filing and sorting system should be already in place to accommodate all your personal work files savings.




On your screen, you will find a shortcut to your SCOF-Concept icon ready to roll. Nice and clean.

By clicking the icon, a new window opens to a complete filing system. Your job is to choose among the various available options to save your data in a secure and efficient way.

 Hereunder, find the SCOF-Concept system common principle. One access to various filing options.




The jms-Concept Solutions provide a family of different systems for your different needs.

 We offer systems for the whole family.

 We also offer systems for people in business.

For more information about the SCOF-Concept systems, follow this link for our family systems and for our systems for small Businesses and Offices.

Once your data is safe, sorted and organized, you can travel with your records and bring all your personal folders and files with you since a SCOF-Concept system is completely independent from your computer.

 In conclusion, dealing with a SCOF system allows you to:




Protect & Organize Your Computer Data, Folders & Files



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