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Computer Data, Folders and Files Protection - The real issue

Posté le 2018/05/05

The issue seems impossible to achieve.

 The Hackers are getting more and more vicious.

 They seem to act ahead of us to finding new keys to enter our computer systems.

 They steal our personal records and / or mess up our Operating Systems.

Having an anti-virus, anti-this or anti-that software is indeed an absolute must.

 But may be, being ahead of them or at least not giving them the ability to act like predators might actually be another excellent way to take care of the problem.

 How can we do this?  Well… we should not leave them have an access to our own Personal or Professional data. Period!

 Obvious, should you say.

 You are right! Nevertheless, the records show that few people do it right simply because nobody has taught them how to do it right,

Let think about it: may be we should try to think different.

The jms-Concept Solutions are not trying to secure the Internet access to your own data.

 The jms-Concept Solutions invite you to NOT give ANY access to your folders and files, simply by not using the Operating Systems (Windows) procedures to save your data.

 What a BIG change? Not really!

This is just a new way for many of you to re-think what we have been told for years by major computer or software companies - even if this is not that new for some other people.

Again, is it a big change? No not at all.


The easy way to do this is:

  1.  Your personal data, folders and files should be secured on another hard drive, a USB key or another device than the main Drive used by your Operating System.
  2. These devices should not be connected to your computer when your Internet connection is on.


What is the point of all this?

 The hackers CANNOT have access through the Internet to your Personal Data simply because they are NOT THERE.

 Once your Internet connection is off, make sure no virus, no warms … have attacked your computer system and simply connect to  your Data.

 In order to connect to your personal folders and files, we will drive you through the easy process offered by jms-Concept Solutions in our next article:

“Computer Data, Folders and Files secure Sorting systems” 


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